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16th June 2007
 Another update
Ah my first update in a long time. I have created a new section under pokemon entitled extras in it I have done something even Serebii has yet to do, a section on the 8 hidden boxes. It will later contain how to obtain mystery gift and a few other things.

16th June 2007
More Site Updates & Pokedex!
Ok, any of you that check the site regularly will know that I took it down for maintenance for a few days not long after my last update, and there have been a few major changes to the site - the first and most obvious change being the change of font throughout the site (which looks far more interesting than the previous one).

The other change is the beginning pages of a pokedex, and the layout change of the strategy pages - so far, only the Charizard strategy page is up, and only the Pokedex entries for the Charizard family are up, but you can check them here at the 1st generation pokemon index.

More pokedex entries will be put up in time, so watch this space for all of the latest updates.

12th June 2007
Site Updates
Hey guys! Its me, Virtual, (what a rare privilege it is for me to update the site, since Sploshi has done most of the updates recently). Anyways, there are a few major updates I've been working on (which is why the site has been down for so long), the first being me editing the competitive battling indexes to accommodate for the soon-arriving pokedex of all 493 Pokemon. I have also done some page cleanups, not very exciting, I know, but someone has to do it.

Finally, I would like to say to everyone, especially Sploshi, thanks for their contributions to the site, even though I have not had a great deal to do with it lately. And look out for an IV calculator, and most of the pokedex pages to be up before summer is out.
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